Gym Music Mondays - 28.05.17


Almost two months later I have emerged permanently from hiding. The last time was a false start. How I've missed sharing the music I love with you guys and whether you come here all the time or not welcome.

Here are a few tracks to make the move back into the weekly grind a little less painful. As always do email your thoughts to or comment below. Enjoy and Happy Monday!

feist cover soured from pitchfork



I am so glad Feist is back and this album doest disappoint with soothing songs and a voice that sounds more like gentle whisper in songs like 'Lost Dreams'. There are plenty of romantic ballads such as 'I wish I didn't miss you' and the country-tinged 'I'm not running away'. This is overall a solid effort and an album you'll be playing over and over again.


Love & Hate.

Michael Kiwanuka.

Michael Kiwanuka is our generation's answer to Marvin Gaye. Nowhere is this more evident than in the soul wrenching 'Love and Hate', (a track that was used perfectly in THAT episode of Netflix's Dear White People. This album is overly impressive as it is heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Other tracks such as Father's Child have enough soul for a century. Cannot.get.enough.




True Care.

Am I glad he's shortened his name to the acronym 'JVM'! Shorter name or not, James Vincent McMorrow is still genre-bending and sublime. I never know where this music will take me and this is part of its pleasure. Tracks like 'Constellations' offer a groovy relaxed tempo with JVM's soothing falsetto. Its all thrills with this album in tracks like 'Holding On' that surprise and delight. Definitely an album worth listening to more than once. So many layers to this guy's music. Sublime.


Linkin Park.


One More Light.

If you're expecting the same angsty Linkin Park of your teenage years you may be disappointed...or pleasantly surprised. I half expected renditions of 'CRAWLIN' but what I got was a sleek, modern album with great tracks like 'Heavy' and 'Sorry for now'. If you're a fan (even if you aren't), check this album for easy listening, up-tempo beats minus a lot of angst! I personally love this new sound. It can stay.

Thanks for reading all the way until the end. See you next Monday and have a great week!